Green Chiretta Powder 32oz
Green Chiretta Powder 32oz

Green Chiretta Powder 32oz

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Green chireta is known as the "King Of Bitters".

Trials using the leaf extract have concluded that the powdered leaves have the capacity to significantly shorten the duration of common colds and that the leaves can be as effective as paracetamol in relieving the fever and sore throat of people with pharyngotonsilitis.

The leaves have also been shown to have significant anti-inflammatory effect and also significantly inhibit oedema.

Stimulates immune system 

Has shown significant hypotensive activity.

Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

Antidiarrhoeal activity, anti malaria, anti ulcer.

has been found to inhibit the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in vitro.

The plant used to be considered an effective remedy against snake bites and insect bites.

Combined with Orthosiphon aristatus, it’s used as a remedy for diabetes

Helps Relieve Covid Symptoms In 3 To 5 Days According To Customer Reviews.