Golden Temple Tea 2oz

Golden Temple Tea 2oz

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Golden Temple Tea is a blend of different herbs. According to the pharmacology studies the chemical properties of the herbs in this blend are said to be beneficial for these situations below :

To Build the immune system

For malaria

For coughs and colds

For fevers

For sexually transmitted infections 

For HIV related fungal infections

protective cleanser

For reproductive problems in women

For urinary tract disorders

For bladder infections (cystitis)

For prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and

For prostate cancer

For other types of cancers

For lung disease

For diabetes

For Tumors

For Ulcers

For gastrointestinal problems

For stomach aches

For diarrhea

For Parasites

For tapeworms

For infertility problems 

For meningitis

Good for detox

For Inflammation

For pain

For arthritis

For neurodegenerative disorders

For epilepsy

For schizophrenia

For mood disorders

For Depression

For headaches

To invoke goodwill

For insomnia

For respiratory problems

For bronchitis

For sinusitis

For eye problems

For conjunctivitis

For skin diseases

For scabies

For hemorrhoids

For wounds