Indian Coral Tree Powder 32oz (Erythrina variegate)

Indian Coral Tree Powder 32oz (Erythrina variegate)

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The leaves and bark are widely used as cures in many South-East Asian countries

Research has shown the presence of various active compounds in the plant.
Alkaloids are present in low concentrations in the leaves and seeds, which give them narcotic properties

The seeds contain hypaphorine, erysodine, and erysopine

The leaves and bark contain the poison erythrinine, which acts upon the nervous system

Saponins are present in the leaves, bark and seeds

Hydrocyanic acid has been found in the leaves, stems, roots and fruits

The seed contains 0.75% of the free amino acid histidine, an amount only paralleled by E. Fusca

The bark is astringent and anthelmintic

It is used as an antipyretic, in decoction to treat liver problems and intermittent fever

It has also been used to treat rheumatism and to relieve asthma and coughs

A decoction of the bark and leaves is used to treat dysentery

When sweetened, it is considered a good expectorant

A decoction of the leaves has been used to treat mastitis

An ointment made by boiling the leaves with ripe coconut is applied to venereal buboes and pains in the joints

The roots and leaves are often employed to alleviate fever

The flowers are bechic and are used to treat afflictions of the chest

Crushed seeds are used to treat cancer and abscesses, and are boiled in a little water as a remedy for snake bites