Justicia Gendarussa Powder 32oz

Justicia Gendarussa Powder 32oz

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The leaves and young shoots are antiperiodic, antispasmodic, cardiotonic, carminative, diaphoretic, emetic and febrifuge

A decoction is used in the treatment of chronic rheumatism

An infusion of the leaves is taken internally in the treatment of a wide range of conditions including pains in the head, paralysis of one side of the body and facial paralysis; lumbago, amenorrhoea, swellings, fevers, coughs, asthma, colics, eczema, cephalalgia, hemiplegia, facial paralysis, earache and hemicrania

The leaves are also used in preparations to treat gonorrhoea, amenorrhoea and malaria

The leaf juice is applied topically in the treatment of earache

The fresh leaves are applied topically as a treatment for oedema and swellings due to beri-beri and rheumatism; to relieve headaches and pains

A decoction is used for bathing during and after childbirth

The bitter root is anodyne, diaphoretic, diuretic and laxative

It is used for treating rheumatism, thrush, fevers, cough, dysuria, diarrhoea, jaundice and as antivenin

The root bark is antiamoebic, antitussive, diuretic, emetic and febrifuge

It is used in the treatment of wounds and allergies

The whole plant is emetic and febrifuge

A decoction is used to treat bruises