Nutgall Powder 32oz

Nutgall Powder 32oz

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Galls are produced on the leaves and petioles as a result of activity by the aphid Schlechtendalia chinensis and, to a lesser extent, by Schlechtendalia peitan. These galls are rich in tannins and are often used for their antisepic, astringent, haemostatic and styptic properties. Taken internally they are used to treat a range of conditions including chronic diarrhoea, haemorrhage, persistent cough with blood, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, bloody stool, urorrhoea and bloody sputum

They are a frequent ingredient of polyherbal prescriptions for the treatment of various conditions, including diabetes mellitus
Applied externally as a wash, powder etc, the galls are used to treat various injuries and conditions including burns, bleeding due to traumatic injuries, haemorrhoids and ulcers in the mouth

The leaves and the roots are depurative


They stimulate blood circulation

A decoction is used
in the treatment of haemoptysis, inflammations, laryngitis, snakebite, stomach-ache and traumatic fractures

The stem bark is astringent and anthelmintic

The root bark is cholagogue

The fruit is used in the treatment of colic

The seed is used in the treatment of coughs, dysentery, fever, jaundice, malaria and rheumatism

Some caution is advised in the use of the leaves and stems of this plant, see the notes above on toxicity.