Soursop Tea Powder (900 Grams)

Soursop Tea Powder (900 Grams)

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Sour sop is often used in traditional medicine. Research has shown that it is antimalarial, uterine stimulant, anticrustacean, antiparasitic, cytotoxic (acetogenins), cardiac depressant, antiamoebic, antibacterial, antifungal, hypertensive, spasmogenic, vasodilator, insecticide, smooth muscle relaxant

The plant contains isoquinoline alkaloids including reticuline

The seed contains galactomannan, sitosterol, stigmasterol and cholesterol

The leaves are antispasmodic, calmative, narcotic

The crushed leaves are used as a remedy for distension and dyspepsia, scabies and skin diseases, rheumatism, coughs and colds

A decoction, often combined with Ludwigia erecta, is used to treat hypertension and heart conditions such as palpitations

A decoction of the leaves, combined with the leaves of avocado (Persea americana) is drunk as an antihypertensive

The leaves may also be used to make a decoction, which is taken orally with salt for digestive tract ailments and to relieve fatigue

The pungent leaves are well-known for their sleep-inducing properties - they can be taken in an infusion, or simply placed under the pillow

Applied externally, the crushed leaves are used to maturate boils and abscesses


A massage of the leaves is good for remedying nervous shock

The fruit is antiscorbutic, febrifuge, mildly antidysenteric and a good vermifuge

 It is used to treat bedwetting in children

A decoction is used to remedy excess foot and hand perspiration

The fruit is used to make a tonic that is used for treating fever, headache, hypertension, and heart problems

A crushed leaf and seed decoction is taken orally for intestinal malaise

The leaves and bark are cardiotonic and sedative


A decoction is used for treating anxiety attacks

The green bark is rubbed on wounds to stop bleeding

Flower or flower bud tea is mixed with honey for colds, chest pain and nerve disorders

The bark and young fruits, which contain tannin, are used to treat diarrhoea and dysentery

The green bark is rubbed on wounds to stop bleeding

The seed is an ingredient in a remedy for treating convulsions